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Consultation and Training Services
for Nonprofits, Arts Organizations, and Businesses


 In-Person and Online Consultation Services

Let Stepping Stones educate, train, and inspire your Arts organization, Nonprofit, or for-profit Business to learn about and embrace Autism and Disability awareness, understanding, and acceptance.

Services include:

  •       Customized Workshops and Trainings that include Autism 101, Disability 101,             Autism Tools and Strategies, and Autism and Disability Safety and Sensitivity           Training. 

  •       How to create inclusive environments

  •       Setting up a sensory friendly workplace or event

  •       Integrating the Arts for students of all abilities. 

  •       Creating communities that embrace, understand and  celebrate disability.                                

I look forward to connecting with you and learning how Stepping Stones Educational Services can help your organization!


“Mary Stone is an advisor and friend to Pink Umbrella Theater Company. Without her support, guidance and expertise Pink Umbrella Theater Company would not exist. Over the last seven years, she fostered and cultivated the Next Steps program at First Stage. She led annual professional development sessions for over sixty teachers, building a force of teaching artists not only able to teach and work with students on the spectrum, but a variety of developmental differences. The strength of the Next Steps program transferred to the Theater Academy as a whole. Students in the Next Steps program began to grow up, as they do, and the need for Pink Umbrella Theater Company came into being. She says in her trainings, “This teaching isn't only for Special Ed, it’s just good teaching.” She is right. Her training provides all with the constant reminder to presume competence, to meet each child where they are, and encourage all to grow in their social, emotional, and intellectual skills. Mary is an invaluable member of the team and all of us who have been a part of her professional development are better teaching artists.”  

- Katie Cummings, Founder, Pink Umbrella Theater Co. and Former Academy Director at First Stage, Milwaukee, WI

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